Pheromone For Men Eau De Toilette 1.7 oz

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Pheromone® for Men Eau De Toilette is a classic masculine luxury, the most powerful attraction known! 

Unexpected and sensual, woodsy and fresh, this fragrance captures attention immediately! 

Perfume Story:

In ancient Egypt, fragrance was thought to reflect a man’s innermost thoughts and his deepest emotions.

So revered were the use of unguents and oils cherished for their behavioral effect that the application became ritualistic.

To center their thoughts and prepare them to meet the challenges of the day, men fragranced the erotic parts of their bodies, thus heightening their sensual and intellectual behavior as well.  

To experience the Ritual of the Male, apply PHEROMONE® For MEN on your palms, face and the heels of your feet—the most tender, erotic part of the male physique. Move upward and massage the calf and upward to the inner-groin area. Apply PHEROMONE® For MEN to the small of the back, where the highest concentration of nerves from the spinal column are centered, and move upward to the pectoral muscles—the seat of man’s strength, then the nape of the neck and jaw.