Marilyn Miglin Goddess® Tempting Gift Set

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The nectar of the Gods to awaken the goddess in any woman and create a legend in the heart of every mortal man. 

Enjoy more of this beautifully intoxicating fragrance with the amazing value of Marilyn Miglin Goddess® Tempting Gift Set!  

This set is gifted in a black and pink soft cosmetics train case, and includes: 

1.0 oz  Marilyn Miglin Goddess® Eau de Parfum Spray
16 oz   Marilyn Miglin Goddess® Body Lotion 
.16 oz  Marilyn Miglin® Cosmetics Crystal Peach Crème Lipstick
.25 oz
 Marilyn Miglin® Cosmetics Peaches & Crème Blush Compact